About me

I studied a business degree at University when I was younger and quickly realised it wasn't for me. After this all too late realisation I finished off the 3 years of being surrounded by BBC apprentice dreamers and sat down to have a think about what I wanted to do.

It came from my final year at University and was the only real thing that came out of my degree, it was digital media. This creative and stimulating subject was one of the only things that could keep my attention and I began to learn more about it. After that I was lucky enough to get a job in Manchester, UK at an agency. Since then I have been working at another agency called Code Computerlove.

As well as the digital industry I have a lot of stuff I love that I will be blogging about. My girlfriend often tells me how I play too much FIFA, and I probably do, but it combines football and gaming, too of the things that I find very interesting. With the amount of gaming I do it would be easy to think that I am a bit of an 'indoorsy', pale, odd ball, but if I'm not on the computer I will be out playing football, cycling, running, or just out and about.

I'm too into researching technology in sport and I have a weakness for becoming obsessed by particular brands, some include Nike, Bianchi, Berghaus, Apple, Nikon and New Balance.  Any new clothes that I am interested in I will try to get some pictures on here and do a bit of a review to help out people.

If you want to have a chat you can catch me on Twitter or visit my contact page.